OUR MISSION

The mission of the Association is to create a modern organizational structure of the members of the Association, clear rules of joint operation on the principle of mutual support, solidarity and cooperation to provide comprehensive care for legitimate legal interests and efforts of members of the Association in effective social events, business and representation before state administration and in trade relations on the principles of equality, non-discrimination and professionalism.


Association of business entities with the aim of sustainable development of modern and systemic energy policy, development of waste management and development of business environment with emphasis on production, distribution, investment development, research, development, education, social development, ecology and implantation of new technologies to alleviate environmental burdens and promote competition -capabilities of the Slovak economy.


The European Commission also counts on eco-innovation and the development of green technologies during the green rest. These will also be an important tool in achieving climate goals. We need eco-innovation. We need low-carbon technologies and the efficient use of all resources.

      STRATEGIC GOALS OF                   BECS SLOVAKIA

Our PARTNERS present their news and projects focused on savings, ecology, health and the circular economy in the largest electronic PORTAL OF ADMINISTRATION SERVICES in Slovakia. For the further existence and development of the association, a strategic goal and related specific goals have been set, which are demanding and relatively extensive. Analyzes and overall status, the development strategy determines the goals, activities and measures for the long following periods. It coordinates regional energy activities in order to exploit the potential of an integrated energy market. It is helpful in the integration of the energy market of non-EU countries and supports them in implementing EU comprehensive regulations in the field of energy, with an interest in bringing to the Slovak Republic links to cutting-edge technological developments that will increase energy efficiency and improve the use of renewable energy sources.

Competitive and sustainable economy: Promoting a collaborative economy A green region for future generations1 - Transforming the region's economy for a sustainable future - Environmental assessment Restoration of material and raw materials